Holidays are made for family traditions, and we’d love to share our family recipe with yours! At Trisha’s, we love the holidays and so should you! Let us lessen the stress of long lines and tying the perfect bow by sending the very best gourmet, and gluten-free gift to those you love and appreciate. Whether it’s a neighbor who brings in your mail or a close friend who appreciates a gourmet chocolate with good wine, we happily share joy year round with our toffee, uniquely packaged for each season.

Extra busy during the holidays? We’ve got you covered with our Holiday Season Survival Kits, bundled packages of our tasty and trusted toffee products at a discounted price. Our kits come with a variety of products and sizes, so you’ll be prepared with the perfect gift for every event on your calendar, even the ones you don’t know about yet.


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