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Can’t Wait for Your Order to Arrive?

Sometimes we can’t help but seek instant gratification. If all this talk of gourmet toffee has your taste buds watering, then head to these nearby shops and satisfy your craving.

We proudly partner with the retail stores below:


Charles Village - Eddie's Market
Mays Chapel - Grauls - May's Chapel
Ruxton - Graul's Ruxton
Wishing Trisha’s Almond Toffee was sold at a store near you? Then send an email to info@trishasalmondtoffee.com and suggest where we should go next!

Upcoming Toffee Tastings

Not quite ready to buy? If you’re looking for a taste of Trisha’s Almond Toffee, look for us at these upcoming events in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

We Currently Do Not Have any Additional Events on the schedule in 2018.

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We’re always eager to grow our community and share our family traditions. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for opportunities to try, buy and learn more about our toffee. Here we’ll feature promotional toffee offers, new product updates, upcoming events and more!

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